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I'm not an 800 number, I actually care about you!

How can I help you?


For over 17 years, I've worked as a licensed agent helping fellow Oregonians choose their best health coverage plan.   


With so many options to consider,  choosing a health plan can be overwhelming. Let my experience be your guide to understanding your options, so you can be confident that the plan you choose is truly your best fit!

Carol Pavelek

Salem, Oregon

Licensed Independent Agent

503 881 4454

Frequently Asked Questions from Seniors

I'm turning 65 soon, and feel I already have all the information I need to choose my coverage.  Why do I need a sales agent to help me?  Don't you charge a fee?

It is true that there are many sources of information to help you.   You can see all plans available in your zip code at,  and you can find out about timing and enrollment periods.  This site is very helpful but the government will not advise you about such things as avoiding penalties for late enrollment and other issues.  The information is there, but how do you know what to look for?  Uncle Sam will not "reach out" to warn you.  A licensed agent is your best source for help.  We provide not only complete information, we are licensed to recommend the best plan for you, and help you enroll.

 And NO, I never charge you a fee, as I am compensated by the insurance company when I enroll you in a plan.


What is the difference between you and an advisor I talk to at a senior center?

The state insurance department and numerous senior centers have trained advisors to help you.  They are volunteers.

They are quite knowledgeable, of course, but they are not licensed agents who can actually advise you about insurance plans, and their training only involves a few hours, one time.  Volunteers do not have a vested interest in guiding you.  Would you use a volunteer to repair your car or diagnose an illness? 

 Every year with no exceptions, licensed agents must pass a national exam, and pass individual carrier exams in order to sell that company's plans.  I am contracted with thirteen carriers.  That's thirteen separate exams I must pass every year in addition to the national exam.

How can I be sure you're not steering me toward a plan where you are paid a higher commission?

When you utilize the service and expertise of a licensed agent, such as myself, you DO receive complete and unbiased advise, and here is why--  All agents are paid the same commission no matter what carrier  (insurance company) is used for enrollment.   It makes no difference if you choose company A or company B, my commission is the same. 

I also have an ethical duty as a licensed agent to provide complete information about ALL your options.  It's no benefit to me to steer you toward one plan over another.   The objective is to make sure the plan is the best fit for YOU.

I already know what plan I want and see that I can self enroll.  Why shouldn't I just do that?

It is true you can enroll in a plan on your own, but if you do, you're exactly that -- on your own. 

There are many reasons to call me when it comes time to enroll.  

 The carrier representative who answers your call is usually under intense pressure to get you to enroll.

  But, when you use a licensed sales agent to such as myself to enroll, you have an advocate.  I have an obligation to make sure you have a full understanding of your plan.  Additionally, should an issue arise and you need some extra help resolving it, you can call me, not an 800 number.  How many times will you have to tell your story as you get transferred from department to department?  As your agent, I'm allied with company reps who can personally assume the task of getting your issue resolved. 

It boils down to this:  Do you want to enroll with someone who will continually work for you, or with someone who simply answered the phone and may not have your best interests at heart?

Remember also that allowing me to help you enroll helps our local economy.   The dollars I receive in commissions are dollars that I spend here in our community.


Do you keep in contact throughout the year?  Are those TV commercials true?

Each year, during the Annual Enrollment Period, we can review your plan together to see if it still the best fit for the coming year.   Throw away all the mailings, turn off the TV commercials and just have a meeting or a phone call with me, your licensed agent. 

Avoid at all costs dialing those 800 numbers you see on TV.   The agents on the line have one objective and that is to change you to a plan they're selling with no regard as to your doctor network or prescription coverage.  They entice you with benefits available to very few people.   This tactic is classic "bait and switch".   

Call center agents do not have the level of training on every plan available in your county as I do.  

When you stick with me as your agent, you will always call me to get updated information about every benefit you may be entitled to currently and for the coming year.  

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